Is IBM’s Watson the future of customer service?

Say hello to Watson, IBM’s latest supercomputer and biggest side project of the last decade. Watson is (by far and away) the world’s most sophisticated and intelligent “question-answering machine.” It has the ability to rapidly answer complex questions that are asked in “natural human elocution”, or in other words, everyday speech.

Normally, question-answering computers such as search engines or interactive voice response (IVR) systems,  are limited to keywords and specifically constructed sentences. Have you ever dealt with an IVR on the phone? As John mentioned in his post earlier this month, IVR systems can render worthless if your responses aren’t clearly communicated.

With millions of dollars of computing power and countless algorithms behind it, Watson is able to decipher and understand a question, search its massive database for the relevant information, compile a list of the most probable answers, and produce a sensible …

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