It’s the customer experience, stupid!


When President Clinton’s strategist James Carville coined the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid” in the 1992 presidential campaign, it was recognition that the prevailing leadership (GW v1.0) was not focusing enough on the issue that mattered most to citizens: the economy.

In my opinion, what matters most to today’s online consumers (aside from price, which is rapidly converging) is also something that’s not garnering enough focus or attention from the leadership of the e-commerce community: the customer experience.

Our recent study with Ovum/Datamonitor (The Value of Great Customer Service_The Economic Impact) showed that there’s literally billions of dollars waiting to be earned by companies that are able to master the seemingly simple concept of providing great service. Some sites like,, and a few others have successfully embraced this mission, but it’s surprising how many large online businesses …

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