3 Retailers That Provide Delivery Estimates Shoppers Can Trust


Last week on Happy Customer we discussed the concept of Order Life Cycle. This week, we’ll hone in on the first half of that cycle: Delivery. And not just speed, but how retailers go about setting expectations for the timing of those deliveries.

In addition to various speed metrics around fulfillment and transit of packages, StellaService Analysts collect and compile data regarding how retailers set delivery expectations. After placing orders, analysts evaluate communications sent to determine whether or not retailers provide delivery estimates. From there, they can be categorized as Specific Date or Date Range Estimates, and each order placed is measured against the provided estimate to determine accuracy and timeliness.

After placing tens of thousands of orders over the years, we’ve seen it all. Delivery estimates from online retailers come in many shapes and sizes:

  • “You will receive your item in 4-7 business days”
  • “Estimated Delivery: 7/28-8/2”
  • “Your item will …

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Report Preview: Getting to Know the Connected Consumer


Here’s a startling stat: “78% of consumers feel that the customer service departments of today’s companies are generally not meeting their needs and expectations.”

The information comes from social CRM software maker Digital Roots and customer experience advocates Execs In the Know, which published this week a preview of the “Getting to Know the Connected Consumer” report. The report surveyed nearly 20,000 individuals to gain insights into the mind of today’s consumer.

Channels of customer care for the report are grouped into the following buckets: Traditional (phone, email, in-person), Interactive (online/video chat, self-help), Mobile (apps, text/SMS, mobile chat), and Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, forums).

  • Experiences: The least utilized channel of care within the past 12 months was mobile, with 10.6% of respondents having used mobile customer care in the past 12 months.
  • Perceptions: Consumers were asked: “In your opinion, which …

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Lowe’s To Open $20.5M Customer Support Center


Lowe’s plans to invest $20.5 million and hire up to 1,000 employees to staff a new Indianapolis-based customer support center.

The new facility will support stores and internet sales, delivery services and repair services for Lowe’s customers across the U.S, according to a release. The facility is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2015 and will complement the company’s existing customer support centers located in Wilkesboro, North Carolina and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Looking at Lowes’ contact center performance for the first half of 2014, StellaService data shows the retailer certainly has strengths and weaknesses. For Phone support, the retailer is besting its competitors in several key metrics, such as  Product Knowledge, Policy Knowledge and Issue Resolution.

Email support, however, has room for improvement. Lowes’ response time for emails in the first half of 2014 trailed the Hardware/Home Improvement category average by about 10 hours. …

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Is Your Subpar Service Causing Customers to Cry?


Results from a new consumer survey show that more than a third of U.S. adults have cancelled service or stopped using a brand due to frustrating customer experience.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of ClickSoftware, concluded that Americans waste more than 30 hours of time they could or would have spent working dealing with customer service issues annually.

Respondents were asked to select the two industries that are most frustrating, then reported the number of hours spent dealing with these industries over the course of one year.

U.S. Service Industry Consumer Frustration Index

Industry: Average # of hours spent dealing with most recent issue

  • Banking: 6
  • Repair/home Services: 5.3
  • Insurance: 4.7
  • Automotive: 3.7
  • Healthcare: 3.1
  • Communication service providers: 2.5
  • Public sector: 2.2
  • Retail: 1.8
  • Utilities: 1.5

Other highlights from the results:

  • 35% of respondents have cancelled service or stopped using a brand due to a frustrating customer experience
  • 51% of …

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Following Comcast’s Customer Service Fiasco, Are You Measuring Professionalism for CSRs?


After five minutes of aggressive, unfriendly questioning and declining to cancel a customer’s cable service a CSR explained his motive.

“I’m trying to help our company be better. That’s my job,” he said on a call recording that went viral Tuesday.

“I can guarantee you, you’re doing an incredibly good job at helping your company be worse,” replied Ryan Block, the customer who recorded the call.

The exchange has been called torture, a nightmare and the “customer service call from Hell.” Time’s headline read “Recording of Man’s Attempt to Cancel Comcast Will Drive You Insane” and Gawker chimed in with its typical snark “Hellish Comcast Call Sets New Standard for Shitty Customer Service.”

Tom Karinshak, Comcast’s Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, issued a statement Tuesday apologizing for the incident:

“The way in which our representative communicated with them is unacceptable and not consistent with how we train our customer service …

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