Sell, Sell, Sell in the Contact Center With These Three Customer Care Metrics

November 19, 2014 / 0 Comments


Imagine a customer that walks into a clothing store and asks an associate, “Do you have a blue sweater in size medium?”

Now a imagine the sales associate with a blank stare. Nothing to offer. No knowledge of the product or interest in closing a sale with a customer who has clearly identified what they hope to purchase.

It’s safe to say the customer is going to leave to find a competing store that’s willing to help her buy a blue sweater. And, that particular sales associate won’t be assigned to help customers anymore.

Now ask yourself, “Is this same scenario happening in my contact center?”

There’s no doubt that retailers are contacted every day by shoppers who show intent to purchase with questions about specific products or policies. These customers are golden. They’re primed for purchase.

Now, it’s up to the retailer to make sure sales don’t slip through the contact center. Here are three metrics that should be considered across all channels to ensure the contact center is helping move sales through the purchase funnel.

Metric: Issue Resolution
Definition: …

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