Brooks Brothers Taking a Conservative Approach to Christmas Cut-Off Dates

Brooks Brothers, a consistent strong performer in StellaService evaluations, has been preparing its team for a successful holiday season. Happy Customer had the opportunity to visit with Michael Moseman, Director, Customer Contact Center, about how the company is preparing for the holiday season and its conservative approach to Christmas cut-off dates.

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30 Seconds or Less: Last Year’s Top Phone Support for Black Friday/Cyber Monday


Consumers are expected to do more of their holiday shopping online this year, eschewing the in-store doorbuster sales that have drawn crowds in years past.

That doesn’t mean shoppers won’t have questions along their buying journey. And, since they’re likely shopping from the comfort of their couch, rather than in a store staffed with associates to answer questions, it’s a safe assumption that contact center volume will likely see a serious spike over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

StellaService collects customer service performance data from retailers on a daily basis, and increases its sample over the four-day holiday shopping weekend. In 2013, StellaService placed five calls each day to 60 of the most popular online retailers, amounting to 1,200 calls during the four-day shopping bonanza.

Considering historical retailer performance, what should shoppers expect when they dial their favorite shop with a question?

Last year, high-end apparel retailer Net-A-Porter set …

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Stella Benchmarks: J.Crew’s Team Warmed Up For Holiday Customer Service

J Crew

J.Crew provided the best overall customer service in October, marking the retailer’s third time topping Stella Benchmarks in 2014. It’s strong evidence that J.Crew has properly prepped its team to handle the busy holiday season.

From pre-purchase through refund, J.Crew’s dedication to service was evident in StellaService data for both customer care and fulfillment. The retailer ranked 4th in Phone, 2nd in Email, 8th in Shipping and 17th in Returns.

Stella Benchmarks includes 138 companies evaluated on a daily basis by StellaService. Customer care channels – Phone, Email and Chat – are measured daily, while fulfillment metrics are measured across multiple orders each month.

Ten companies that did not rank in the Top 25 overall last month earned a spot in October – David Yurman, Aeropostale, Brooks Brothers, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Cabelas, H&M, Nasty Gal, Lands End and Fab.

Companies that have ranked in the Top 25 Overall every month in 2014:

  • J.Crew
  • L.L.Bean

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Sell, Sell, Sell in the Contact Center With These Three Customer Care Metrics


Imagine a customer that walks into a clothing store and asks an associate, “Do you have a blue sweater in size medium?”

Now a imagine the sales associate with a blank stare. Nothing to offer. No knowledge of the product or interest in closing a sale with a customer who has clearly identified what they hope to purchase.

It’s safe to say the customer is going to leave to find a competing store that’s willing to help her buy a blue sweater. And, that particular sales associate won’t be assigned to help customers anymore.

Now ask yourself, “Is this same scenario happening in my contact center?”

There’s no doubt that retailers are contacted every day by shoppers who show intent to purchase with questions about specific products or policies. These customers are golden. They’re primed for purchase.

Now, it’s up to the retailer to make sure sales don’t slip through the contact center. Here are three metrics that should be considered across all channels to ensure the …

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Zappos Director of Customer Loyalty: Customer Care is a Company-Wide Effort During the Holidays

Last week, we had a chance to sit down with Rob Siefker, Zappos’ Director of Customer Loyalty. As a company that makes customer service a top priority, we asked Rob how Zappos changes its strategy during the bustle of the holiday season. Watch to see some of his holiday insights for this season.

Full Transcript:

During the holidays we have a seasonal work-staff that we hire, but we also have everyone in the company helping out with customer service.

We have everyone in the organization, no matter what job they have in the company, go through a four-week new-hire training process. And during that new-hire training process they learn how to take phone calls, they talk to customers, so they get the whole call center training that we provide as well.And then during the holidays we have everyone in the company, from CEO, to accountants, to whoever, answer up to 10 hours of phone calls to help us out.  It’s something that helps with moral in the contact center, because they see …

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These Retailers Will Benefit Most From USPS 7-Day Delivery


The Postal Service is extending delivery services to seven days a week to make sure people receive their holiday packages on time, providing an advantage to those retailers that most frequently use USPS for delivery.

Starting November 17 through Christmas Day, deliveries will be made every single day.

“During the holidays, no carrier makes more deliveries to more places than the Postal Service, and this year, we’re raising the bar with enhanced tracking and Sunday delivery,” said Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe in a press release.

Retailers who utilize the post office will be able to deliver packages to shoppers one day faster than packages shipped FedEx Home Delivery/Ground or UPS Ground. Shipping methods that rely on the post office include all USPS methods, UPS Surepost, UPS Mail Innovations, FedEx SmartPost and Newgistics (outsourced vendor). USPS predicts double digit package growth during the holiday season, in the range of 450 to 470 million packages.

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