Zappos’ Rob Siefker Talks 2014 Customer Service Initiatives

Rob Siefker, Zappos’ Director of Customer Loyalty sat down with StellaService to discuss the company’s 2015 customer service initiatives. “We’ve built ourselves as a brand around service…” Siefker said, “but we really need to step up our game and find ways to reengage the employee base and get a little more exciting.”

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CARiD Talks Product Knowledge for Company’s CSRs

Product knowledge can be daunting for many customer care teams, especially ones with complex product catalogues. That’s why automobile e-retailer CARiD uses “subject matter experts” as a key resource for their customer care teams. Click above to see Ryan Gonile discuss CARiD’s strategy.

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Zappos Christmas Cutoff Date “Late As It Possibly Can Be”

This holiday season, the Zappos plan for shipping has remained the same: make Christmas shipping cutoff as late as possible to give customers “the maximum amount of shopping time.” During last year’s holiday season, where several retailers failed to deliver orders by Christmas, Zappos provided the latest shipping deadline while successfully delivering to all three regions by Christmas. Zappos Director of Customer Loyalty Rob Siefker discusses holiday cutoff in the video above.

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How CARiD Empowers Call Center Agents During the Holidays

During the holidays, success for CARiD comes down to communication. It’s important that the team in the contact center understands what is happening in the warehouse so they can help the customer to the best of their ability. “As a management team, we need to give them that information, otherwise we fail them and they fail the client,” said Ryan Gronile, CARiD’s customer service manager.

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Brooks Brothers Taking a Conservative Approach to Christmas Cut-Off Dates

Brooks Brothers, a consistent strong performer in StellaService evaluations, has been preparing its team for a successful holiday season. Happy Customer had the opportunity to visit with Michael Moseman, Director, Customer Contact Center, about how the company is preparing for the holiday season and its conservative approach to Christmas cut-off dates.

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Zappos Director of Customer Loyalty: Customer Care is a Company-Wide Effort During the Holidays

Last week, we had a chance to sit down with Rob Siefker, Zappos’ Director of Customer Loyalty. As a company that makes customer service a top priority, we asked Rob how Zappos changes its strategy during the bustle of the holiday season. Watch to see some of his holiday insights for this season.

Full Transcript:

During the holidays we have a seasonal work-staff that we hire, but we also have everyone in the company helping out with customer service.

We have everyone in the organization, no matter what job they have in the company, go through a four-week new-hire training process. And during that new-hire training process they learn how to take phone calls, they talk to customers, so they get the whole call center training that we provide as well.And then during the holidays we have everyone in the company, from CEO, to accountants, to whoever, answer up to 10 hours of phone calls to help us out.  It’s something that helps with moral in the contact center, because they see …

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StellaService Report: Essential Holiday Ecommerce Data & Best Practices

Today we’re excited to release our Q3 2014 report, Essential Holiday Ecommerce Data & Best Practices. As more consumers are turning to the ease of online shopping, the stakes are rising for ecommerce retailers during the holiday shopping season. This report, available in full here, provides a snapshot of 2013 holiday performance, what service levels consumers expect for holiday performance in 2014 and how retailers are trending into those expectations as the holidays approach. The report covers the following areas:

2013 Holiday Performance
Failure to meet Christmas cutoff shipping guarantees left gift-givers empty handed and call centers flooded. After a disappointing Holiday 2013, shoppers are more attuned to delivery speed and accuracy than ever and meeting promised holiday cutoff dates has never been so important. Just 11% of consumers will shop with a retailer again if a holiday shipping guarantee isn’t met.

2014 Holiday Consumer Survey
Customers are more emotional …

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Webcast Recording: StellaService 2013 Holiday Insights Study

In the 2013 StellaService Holiday Insights study, StellaService set out to stress-test the holiday performance of the 25 of the largest online retailers based on annual revenue.

The study looked at contact center performance during the high-volume period of Black Friday through Cyber Monday. And, in an effort to measure retailers’ ability to deliver on their promised delivery date, StellaService placed orders to three regions at the retailers’ stated Christmas cutoff dates.

The results show that while some retailers clearly made an effort to go above-and-beyond for customers, there are still opportunities for improvement for the U.S.’s largest online retailers.

StellaService Director of Research Kevon Hills is joined by Zappos Director of Customer Loyalty Team Rob Siefker to review the study’s findings in this webcast recording. A complimentary PDF of the study is also available here.

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