Use the StellaService Seal To Communicate Your Outstanding Customer Service

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The StellaService Seal tells shoppers which sites deliver exemplary customer service — and which don’t. Our mission (and it’s unwavering) is to identify online retailers that make their customers’ shopping experience a top priority.

StellaService rates the customer service performance of thousands of online stores to highlight the best places to shop on the web. Leveraging objective, unbiased data, StellaService awards top-rated online retailers a seal of service excellence to help the best stores differentiate in an ultra-competitive market.

Benefits of the seal include:

  • Validate your top-rated customer service through an independent third party.
  • Increase your conversion rate and lower your bounce rate
  • Leverage the seal across online and offline marketing channels.

Hundreds of Internet retailers proudly display this mark of service excellence. For more information, email or call 212-366-1483.

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Have You Reserved Your Seat at STELLA Summit?


The 2012 STELLA Summit - to be held Oct. 9 at Trump Soho in New York – is an invite-only, executive-level conference focused on how to improve and bring innovation to the service experience. Expect robust, interactive discussions featuring executives from top retailers and disruptive start-ups alike.

Below you will find an outline of the days excellent line-up of speakers.

8:00 AM – Registration and Breakfast

9:00 AM – State of Service | Jordy Leiser, CEO, STELLAService

As price and selection converge online, customer service is the new battleground. STELLAService CEO Jordy Leiser will outline some of the developments driving this important shift in business of online retail.

9:15 AM – Hospitality as a Differentiator in the Customer Experience  | Susan Salgado, Managing Director, Hospitality Quotient

Six of the fifty “Most Popular” restaurants in the 2012 New York Zagat Survey are part of Union Square Hospitality Group, Danny Meyer’s NYC-based restaurant group. …

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Everyone loves receiving gifts, so why not make the customer feel special every time they order an item from your site? By using packaging that goes above and beyond the standard cardboard box, you will make the customer experience that much more enjoyable and memorable. Companies like,  and do this really well, and have managed to develop loyal consumer followings overtime. You could be next; all you have to do is add a little flair (branded or not) to your shipment packaging, and people will surely buzz about it.

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By placing your customer service phone number above the fold on your website, your customers will be able to easily contact you if they ever need your help. As a first step, guaranteeing that your phone number is easily located will help create an overall positive feel whenever a customer initiates the service process.


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So You Want to Buy…A Vacation-Worthy Camera


Whether you’re exploring barrier reefs, scaling mountains, or perfecting your tan in South Beach, this summer calls for the perfect camera to catalog your adventures. Enter Sony’s Cyber-Shot Digital Camera TX-20. In addition to being shockproof, waterproof and dustproof, this eye-catching digital camera boasts a 16.2 megapixel image sensor, various picture effect tools, and a panorama mode, which allows users to take their photography to a whole new level. From STELLAService rated retailer Sony, pack your bags and capture all of your summer fun with the Cyber-Shot Digital Camera TX-20.

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So, You Want To Buy…A Dieffenbachia Plant


The dieffenbachia is one of the most popular houseplants out there, and is an excellent way to bring some green into your home. They occur naturally in the tropics, but have become a common houseplant due to its tolerance of shade.

Dieffenbachia plants can grow outdoors in tropical climates, but specimens kept as houseplants must be kept indoors during most of the year outside the tropics. Temperatures below about 10˚C (40˚F) can kill the plant. The plant needs light but filtered sunlight through a window is usually sufficient. When the plant is brought home from the nursery, it will likely need repotting. The plant needs moderately moist soil. The soil should be fertilized with either regular liquid fertilizing or fertilizer pellets or spiky spikes. Leaves will periodically roll up and fall off to make way for new leaves. Yellowing of the leaves is generally a sign of problematic conditions, such as a nutrient deficiency in the soil. Dieffenbachia responds well to hot temperatures …

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So You Want To Buy…Carry On Spinner Luggage


When you travel with a bag from STELLAService EXCELLENT rated retailer Samsonite, you’ve got over one hundred years of travel experience at hand. If you’re in the market for a new piece of luggage, you can bet that Samsonite has designed and produced a bag that will fit your particular travel needs.

The Hyperspace 21.5” Carry On Spinner gives any jetsetter the luxury of spaciousness and maneuverability in a carefully designed roller bag. In this new model, packing space is optimized, and its sleek look doesn’t hurt either. If you travel a lot and like to keep as much with you in a carry on as possible, this bag is just right for you.

The newly engineered wheels also allow for a smoother glide across any surface, making your trip a breeze and you the envy of all your travel buddies.

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So You Want to Buy…Clinique Lip Balm


As any girl knows, a good lip balm is hard to find. And if you want a lip balm that also adds a bit of color, the search is even more difficult.

STELLAService EXCELLENT rated makeup and skincare line Clinique has answered our prayers with their Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balm. Not only is this lip balm “super-nourishing,” but it’s also packed with shea and mango butters designed to make lips super soft and smooth. Even better, it comes in 16 vibrant shades, from the bright “Oversized Orange” to the more neutral “Whole Lotta Honey.” With all those wonderful features all wrapped up in a pretty and portable pencil form, how could you possibly resist this balm?

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So You Want to Buy…A Thymes Reed Diffuser


Reed diffusers are a great way to add fragrance to your home in an elegant and eco-friendly way. Thymes, a STELLAService EXCELLENT rated fragrance retailer, has plenty of unique and wonderful-smelling reed diffusers and scented oils, so now you can bathe your home in comforting fragrance. With scents such as Bitter Orange and Cedar, Frasier Fir, and Magnolia Fig, these reed diffusers are irresistible. Thymes can even assist you in finding the fragrance that best suits you.

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So You Want To Buy…Rhinestoned Dragon Headware


Do you love dragons? Do you love rhinestones? Do you have a head? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then have we got a piece of headwear for you: the Blue Dragon Rhinestone Hat from STELLAService EXCELLENT rated

In recent years, Ed Hardy has emerged as one of the flashiest clothing brands out there. The designer’s affinity for shiny rhinestones and eye-catching art has made Ed Hardy a sartorial staple of Hollywoodians and Jersey Shoremen alike.

Hit the club, the beach, or distract your softball foes in this stylin’ hat.

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