We Asked Twitter How To Deliver Customer Service On Twitter


More than eight years after the first 140 character message was posted on Twitter, many businesses are still trying to get a handle on how to use the service as a way to connect with customers.

Happy Customer recently talked with Mike De Jesus, head of the travel vertical at Twitter. His team is responsible for evangelizing Twitter’s platform and sharing paid and organic best practices to marketers in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries across the US.


As businesses continue to try to build a Twitter strategy, we asked De Jesus for some best practices Twitter provides to brands when they inquire about delivering great customer service via Twitter.

See answers and examples from De Jesus below.

Be human. People like communicating with brands, a unique opportunity for brands on Twitter. Show off your brand’s voice and personality – customers like to know that they’re connecting with a person, and not a corporation.

Be …

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Stella Benchmarks: L.L.Bean’s Customer Service Hits Its Stride in March


L.L.Bean is back on top of Benchmarks.

The outdoor apparel and equipment retailer that touts a 100% satisfaction guarantee last topped the list for its customer service performance in December. As for its standout efforts in March, LLBean.com showed strength in Email and Returns, besting all other retailers in those specific service areas.

LLBean.com replied to emails in about 30 minutes on average in March and scored an impressive 97% for Issue Resolution. As for Returns, the retailer issued refunds in about six days.

Each month, StellaService sheds light on the service performance of online retailers within their respective retail categories. The companies are measured across four service areas: Phone, Email, Shipping and Returns. Phone and Email are measured daily, while shipping and returns are measured across multiple orders. Stella Benchmarks are designed to provide consumers with guidance for smarter shopping and retailers with an independent, reliable benchmark for measuring …

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How Lululemon Goes Above-and-Beyond for Customers More Frequently Than Any Other Retailer

lululemon athletica guest education centre

By Jake Novick, Senior Research Associate, StellaService

You might think that after last year’s see-through yoga pants recall, Lululemon would have been overwhelmed by customer complaints, leading to some exhausted agents, high employee turnover and lower-quality interactions with shoppers. But, they seem to have risen to the challenge and are outperforming every retailer on a proprietary metric we call “Stellar Performance,” which is an aggregate of “Stellar Interactions.”

We define a Stellar Interaction as one in which “the customer service representative diligently answered the initial questions, anticipated follow-up inquiries and offered supplemental information.” In these cases, not only are agents resolving issues and demonstrating policy and product knowledge, but also they are probing and anticipating the needs of shoppers and providing solutions with options. We think of these interactions as ones when the agent goes above-and-beyond the call of …

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Q&A with Mike De Jesus, Head of Travel at Twitter


Twitter has become a communication channel that the customer service department simply can’t ignore.

For instance, 88% of customers are less likely to buy from a brand after seeing unanswered customer complaints on a company’s Twitter page, according to a study from Conversocial, a provider of social customer service software.

But, let’s not mistake the emerging service channel as a new burden. In fact, it’s an opportunity.

To get the scoop an some of the most interesting applications of customer service on Twitter, we went straight to the source. Happy Customer recently connected with Mike De Jesus, head of the travel vertical at Twitter. His team is responsible for evangelizing Twitter’s platform and sharing paid and organic best practices to marketers in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries across the US.

See our Q&A with De Jesus below.

What’s the current state of Twitter as a customer service tool?

Twitter has become a valuable …

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How ASOS Aims to Deliver VIP Service To Twenty-Somethings Around the Globe


Whether it’s real-time delivery status updates or free worldwide delivery and returns, ASOS service offerings are tailored for hyper-connected young shoppers who have ever-changing expectations when it comes to customer service.

ASOS is on a mission to be the number one fashion destination online for twenty-somethings around the globe, and core to its strategy is an unrelenting focus on the target customer — “an avid consumer and communicator who is inspired by friends, celebrities and the media.”

One option for frequent ASOS shoppers is its Premier program, which launched in the UK in 2009 and became available to American customers in July of last year. Currently the program is $19 annually in the U.S., a dip from the standard pricing of $39, which includes unlimited 2-day shipping alongside other benefits.

“We were one of the first retailers to introduce free shipping internationally, so unlimited express shipping was a natural evolution of that service …

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Start With These 3 Questions To Grab Headlines For Great Customer Service


Jordy Leiser is Co-founder and CEO of StellaService.

Let’s talk about some of the customer service headlines that have emerged in recent months.

Of course, coverage of retail during the holidays included the wig-dropping stampedes for door-buster sales that we’ve all come to expect. But almost all of the biggest stories–although varying in details and concerning a range of disparate companies–were about service.

First, Amazon hijacked Cyber Monday news coverage with an exclusive on CBS’s 60 Minutes about plans to deliver products via flying drones. Sure, maybe they trotted out some half-baked plans as a well-timed publicity stunt, but it worked. The next day America was talking about the prospect of clicking “Checkout” on Amazon and then hearing the whirr of a drone making a delivery 30 minutes later.

Yes, it was a story about an exciting innovation. But more, it was a story about incredible customer service–orders delivered in half an hour! And, …

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Scaling Ecommerce: Retailers Invest in New Distribution Centers For Online Orders


Market research firm eMarketer projects ecommerce sales in North America will increase from $431 billion in 2013 to more than $660 billion in 2017. That increase in online sales paired with growing consumer expectations around shipping times is prompting retailers to build sophisticated distribution centers dedicated to fulfilling online orders.

Here’s a list of retailers and distribution partners that are building or renovating facilities dedicated to fulfilling orders from online shoppers. Have an announcement we’ve missed? Leave a note in the comments or email hc@stellaservice.com.

American Eagle

  • Type: New facility
  • Location: Hazelton, Pa.
  • Size: 600,000+ square feet
  • Budget: $80 Million
  • Hiring: 369 new positions, with an additional 600 part-time positions during peak seasons.
  • Notes: Expected to open in June 2014, the Hazelton facility will double the apparel retailer’s current distribution center (300,000 square feet) in Warrenton, Pa., which the retailer plans to …

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Study: CMOs Must Focus on Customer Service for Revenue Growth

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.52.41 PM

Customer service and the entire customer experience have begun to move to the marketing department, according to a new report from ExactTarget and Deloitte.

The report says inadequate customer service impedes both revenue growth and marketing effectiveness. According to “Bridging the Digital Divide: How CMOs Can Rise to Meet 5 Expanding Expectations,” 66% of B2B and 52% of B2C customers stopped buying from a brand after a bad customer service interaction, further proving the argument that marketing executives who understand, streamline, and automate customer service control one of the most important profitability levers.

Unfavorable customer service also hinders digital marketing efforts, as a bad experience can unravel into a quickly circulating Twitter post or negative online review in the blink of an eye.

According to the study, which surveyed 228 “global marketing leaders” at companies with more than $500 million in annual revenue, top marketers face five new …

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5 Ways to Provide Great Customer Service Through Email


This guest post is written by Salil Gupta, Managing Partner at Vcare Technology, a provider of contact center services to online retailers. 

When crafting the ideal experience for your customers, be sure to review your communication channels to ensure your efforts are focused on those preferred by your customers.

Dimension Data recently found that 44% of Generation X and 42% of Generation Y prefer to communicate via electronic messaging (Email, SMS, Chat) — nearly double that of the Baby Boomer generation (23%).

Great customer service can be delivered through email, and with the following tips, your customers will soon realize they can rely on your email-based support team for speedy and efficient resolutions.

Answer emails in 8 hours or less.
Twenty-four hour response times are no longer acceptable to customers. Many expect responses in eight hours or less, and some of the top retailers are responding initially in minutes, not hours. Generation X and Y customers simply …

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Brands with Stellar Service: Ritani.com


Photo courtesy Ritani.com. The happy groom Aly Lette and customer service agent Kate, who went the extra mile to get him the custom ring on time.

This guest post is written by Kirsty Wareing, social media manager at Ritani.com.

It goes without saying that when someone is shopping for an engagement ring, it’s likely their first time. One of the most emotional purchases a person ever makes, they understandably want to get it right. That is why, at Ritani.com, we do everything we can to provide a seamless, educational – and yes, even enjoyable – experience.

If we are a positive and integral element in a customer’s proposal story, they will remember it forever. If they not only love the product, but the experience of doing business with us, that can mean the world. They know they can trust us with a high-level purchase, and they know how convenient our unique blend of online and in-store shopping truly is.

It is not a rare thing for our team to go “above and …

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