Best Buy Brings Back Email Support Due To Customer Demand

February 1, 2013 / 3 Comments


Best Buy Inc. has quickly revived email support due to customer demand after the electronics retailer pulled an email contact from its website in December.

Happy Customer first reported on Dec. 11 that an email contact form had disappeared from the customer service page and the company was placing a higher priority on live chat to communicate with customers. The company told Happy Customer at the time that the decision was based on a survey of online shoppers and that email is “unable to offer the same level of in-the-moment assistance.”

However, STELLAService agents noticed on January 25 that an email contact form had returned to the Best Buy website.

“While our customers find chat more convenient, we still want to provide that email option,” Best Buy Spokesperson Erika Webb said. “There were still people who wanted to communicate through email.”

Still, the company says that email is not the best channel for customers looking for fast answers or detailed technical assistance. Webb said phone and live chat are still the best channels to contact the company.

The email section of the customer service page currently reads “Comments or concerns?” and will soon be changed to “Compliments or concerns?” Web said. While email may not be the best channel to find the proper cables to connect a Blue-ray player, Webb said agents handling emails will route those questions to the most appropriate contact and attempt to get an answer back to customers as fast as possible. was the second best performer in phone support among Computers/Electronics retailers in December, according to STELLA Monthly Benchmarks. The retailer posted the fastest time to reach a live agent among others in the category.

3 thoughts on “Best Buy Brings Back Email Support Due To Customer Demand

  1. Horrible Service Decision of 2012 goes to BEST BUY! Every channel represents a different customer. Cater to all and kick ass doing so! 

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  3. Before you give up on Best Buy-TRY DEALING WITH H.P’S customer service. I can not even begin to describe the nightmare i am encountering. But with STELLA SERVICE’S on the prowl, maybe the consumers will get just a small piece of FAIRNESS WITH A SMILE??? This service is one of the GREATEST SERVICE’S that will start to make companies-STOP TREATING THE HARD WORKING OVER BURDEN TAXPAYER’S OF THIS NATION LIKE IT IS OUR FAULT WHEN THEIR DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS ARE REALLY JUST JUNK????  Thank You STELLA  WHAT A AWESOME SERVICE    Leisa from OZ 

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