STELLAService Story Picks From Around The Web

March 6, 2012 / 0 Comments

Target Aims To Boost Sales With Better Performing Site
Target Corp. suffered numerous crashes last fall after launching a redesigned site. After “hundreds of fixes,” the site is more stable and has helped the retailer boost sales. [Source: Internet Retailer]

Amazon To Collect Sales Tax In Virginia
Customers of in Virginia will begin paying sales tax as early as 2013 under an agreement reached with the state and the retailer. [Internet Retailer]

Dollar Shave Club Plans To Slice Pricing For Razors
Replacement razor blades are one of those items that often frustrate consumers with a prickly price tag. A start-up called Dollar Shave Club plans to be the low-cost, online alternative. The company also plans a strong rapport with customers.  “Brands of the future need to talk directly to our customers so we can know what they like and how to better serve them” Chief Executive Michael Dubin said. [Source: Pando Daily]

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