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February 24, 2012 / 0 Comments

Facebook Is Back At The Discount Game
Facebook Inc., which tested a Groupon-like Deals offering last year, is back at the discount game. The social network is running a small test that enables merchants to offer free discounts to customers on their page. [Source: Internet Retailer]

Amazon Backs Away from Discounts for Moms
For years, Amazon has offered moms a year’s free Amazon Prime membership and hefty discounts on diapers and other essentials. Starting January 24, though, Amazon Moms won’t have it quite so good. [Source: Time]

Riot Breaks Out Over Nike Shoe Release
This is a good argument for shopping online. “Foot Locker on Friday suspended shoe sales and special events planned for the release of Nike’s debut NBA All-Star sneaker at various stores in Florida and at least three other states after a riot broke out among hundreds of people at an Orlando mall.” [Source: USA Today]


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