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February 15, 2012 / 0 Comments

Finding the Best Service Requires Revealing a Lot
Many shoppers avoid salespeople when maybe they should just ask for a little service. “When it’s good, though, customer service is a magical elixir that makes customers feel good about making a purchase long after they leave the store.” [Source: Wall Street Journal]

Are You Sharing Your Shopping?
Shoppers signed into retailer web sites using their Facebook log-in, known as Facebook Connect, are roughly nine times more likely to share content on the social network than other consumers, according to a new report. [Source: Internet Retailer]

Amazon’s Quidsi Mulls More Stores, Starts
“Quidsi is launching a new online home goods business called this week that will carry more than 35,000 products including bedding, towels, storage, dinnerware, and cookware. That adds to existing Quidsi websites such as,,, and” [Source: Reuters]

Fox News Host Takes Service Complaint To Broadcast
Shepard Smith is not happy with AT&T’s policy around unlimited data. “They hook you first. It’s like giving you crack. It’s all-you-can-eat crack, until you like a lot of crack, and then you have to pay more,” Smith said. Speaking to AT&T, Smith added, “Your system’s no good, you fibbed to me, and I don’t appreciate it.” [Source: Huffington Post]

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