7 Ways We’d Plan a $10 million Kardashian-Style Wedding and Get Great Customer Service

September 13, 2011 / 3 Comments

You might need these favors to measure your ???

I cannot see much reason in following the goings-on of 10 million dollar wedding ceremonies, but if such resources are to be spent on such a lavish event, you’d be crazy not to spend it at these 7 top-rated retailers.

1. For the ring: BlueNile.com, STELLAService Elite

It is not just Aron Ralston who has access to large rocks. BlueNile.com has a 20+ carat diamond that users can customize online, from the diamond shape and size to the setting and clarity. You can even choose the delivery date, then prepare your video camera to record the endless, totally deserved gawking.

2. For the groom’s and groomsmen’s suits: RalphLauren.com, STELLAService Excellent

While the bridesmaids will only wear their dresses once (contrary to popular belief, you can rarely shorten a bridesmaid’s dress and wear it again!), the groomsmen can wear their suits again and again without fear of being called out when the suit resurfaces on Facebook pictures. Who wants $3,000-$4,000 custom Zenga suits that look like grandpa’s when you can get impeccable suits and service from RalphLauren.com?

3. For the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses: JCrew.com, STELLAService Elite

JCrew.com has a specific wedding section on their site where you can view bridesmaids dresses in several colors – one dress (left) had 12 different color options! While you may not find a $25,000 wedding gown on there, you can find bridal dresses that are equally beautiful and glamorous.

4. For the accessories: Artbeads.com, STELLAService Elite

Not only does this site carry all the beads, rhinestones, and craft supplies for the perfect tiara or bracelet, but they have a blog post that shows how to make Kim Kardashian’s headpiece. I just saved you $2.5 Million!

5. For the ring bearer: Petco.com, STELLAService Elite

One thing that was unmemorable about the Kardashian wedding was the ring bearer. Kim’s 21-month old nephew reportedly struggled down the aisle to bear the bands of eternal love. Now here is your chance to one-up the wedding people won’t stop talking about - have an elephant or white horse walk down the aisle. While Petco.com doesn’t sell elephants nor horses, they sell the pooper scoopers to clean up behind them.

6. For the flowers: 1800Flowers.com, STELLAService Elite

With perhaps the easiest number to remember (1800-FLOWERS), 1800Flowers.com can provide everything from exotic orchids to classic roses.

7. For the favors: Favorfavor.com, STELLAService Excellent

So nice you got to say it twice. STELLAService Excellent retailer favorfavor.com has a “great selection, fast shipping, and reliable service all at the best prices on the web - GUARANTEED!” What more could you want? Oh, maybe customized heart-shaped Krispy Kreme donuts and cookies.

3 thoughts on “7 Ways We’d Plan a $10 million Kardashian-Style Wedding and Get Great Customer Service

    • A few days after I wrote this, my friend for whom I will be a bridesmaid told me she was getting her bridesmaids dresses from JCrew. Now if only I can convince her to get heart-shaped Krispy Kremes ;)

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