Leonisa Offers Excellent “Support”

July 12, 2011 / 4 Comments

Leonisa Product Page

I’m not sure how old I will be until I start feeling totally comfortable buying my undergarments in-person. I can only imagine how men must feel buying these kinds of presents!

It is no surprise then that VictoriasSecret.com has been the highest in sales for the Apparel/Accessories category the past two years, as ranked by Internet Retailer. Women need bras, and men know where they like to get them, thanks to the brand’s famous models featured in their free catalog and annual runway show.

However, there is a brand that really stands out for its customer service excellence. The Leonisa brand, which originates in Latin America, is the Ricky Martin Shakira Enrique Iglesias of over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders (or “sobre los hombros tenedor de rocas” – though that phrase isn’t quite as catchy in Spanish.)

Naturally, Leonisa.com is seamlessly navigable in both Spanish and English. Unsure if your flopper stoppers will fit? Use the return address label provided with the packaging to easily exchange or return your item. Our mystery shoppers were impressed with the incredibly fast turnaround from the date they returned their undergarments until they received a refund on their credit card.

What if you want to wait before testing your britches? Leonisa.com boasts a generous 60-day return policy. So long as you return them new and with tags attached, you will receive a refund.

Are you a gentleman who wishes there was something like this for men? Wish no more, because Leonisa offers men’s underthings too.

Leonisa always has free shipping for orders over $50, but through 7/25 there is no order minimum at all, so there’s no better time to get all the support you need.

4 thoughts on “Leonisa Offers Excellent “Support”

  1. I love this brand! They have the most comfortable panties ever! I also own their super sexy, unique push up bras! Excellent product and service!

    • Glad you agree with their great service! And dare I say their models look more natural and less airbrushed than some other brands I’ve seen? Thanks for reading!

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