#AskObama About the Power of Social Media

July 8, 2011 / 0 Comments


Twitter made history this week (again) as they “hosted” a town hall meeting… for the President of the United States. People across the country were able to submit questions using their twitter accounts and the hashtag #AskObama. While the 140 character limit still applied to us lowly citizens, somehow Twitter was able to bend the rules for President Obama’s responses. Quite amazing to see the White House and the leader of the free world fully embracing the power of social media. This isn’t the President’s first foray into the digitally connected world however – he hosted a live town hall meeting using Facebook this past April.

From an astronaut “checking in” on the moon using Foursquare last year to the President tweeting back responses about the economy to his constituents, the power of social media continues to cross new thresholds. With a presidential endorsement, it goes without saying those companies embracing Facebook and Twitter for connecting with customers are in the right place.

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