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STELLAService Excellent

Do you remember the NY Times article about last November? It was a story that created a big stir in the e-retail space and even caused Google to reevaluate its search algorithm to ensure that no company could use negative feedback to positive effect. Vitaly Booker, the owner of, threatened his customers on a number of occasions, which actually improved his position on search listings and boosted business for a while.  Last month, the NY Times published this follow-up piece on the situation, stating that Mr. Booker could face up to six and half years in prison.

Although this was an unfortunate situation for every customer that shopped on the site, this case makes me proud of the way that STELLAService evaluates the service level of e-retailers. In other words, would have been flagged immediately by our team of STELLA analysts had we had an opportunity to assess the site’s service quality. We pride ourselves on conducting a comprehensive evaluation first-hand so that online shoppers know that the STELLA team has been there (and done that), testing everything from phone friendliness to the ease of returning a real product.

So keep an eye out for the STELLAService seal, the Web’s most trusted signal of high quality customer service.

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